Will Bluetooth Marketing be the wave of the future?

New technology....not very user friendly yet?

Knowing “what” the consumer wants is the missing element of proximity marketing.
With geofences and iBeacons, marketers have “where” nailed. They are also pretty good at knowing “who.” But it’s still guesswork to predict what the consumer actually wants to know, or do.

Knowing “who” and “where” are just data points to get closer to “what.”
Sophisticated algorithms use history, demographic information, visit frequency and dwell times to gauge the interest level in a product. In turn, this data is used to determine the timing and content of messaging with the hope of delivering the proverbial “right message at the right time.” 

But asking “what?” is the ultimate question of proximity marketing.
There is an alternative proximity technology that starts with the answer to “what". It’s the Physical Web by Google™. It may be the highest and best use of beacons. With it, the beacon broadcasts a URL that displays information that may be of interest to a consumer. If so, they select it. That choice tells us what is of interest and that we have the customer’s full attention. At the same time, the Physical Web can also supply answers to the questions of “where” and “who” to complete the interaction profile. Let’s look more closely at the Physical Web as a marketing technology, and areas that it's limited in. 

Inbound vs. Outbound Proximity Marketing
Another way to compare iBeacon and geo-fences to the Physical Web is to look at who initiates the interaction. iBeacon is typically marketer initiated. It is outbound marketing and begins with tracking a customer’s movements. Using their location, visit frequency, etc., to choose content, the marketer can then push what is hoped to be the right message.
Technology now allows consumers to block advertising and push marketing at will. 

To break through the noise, marketers must be a part of content people want. 

The best way to do this is to let them tell you what is of interest, or find one common denominator in what they all have in common.

Inbound marketing 
Means producing content of interest to a particular consumer profile, then having consumers seek that information and initiate contact. Along the same lines as blogs, newsletters, whitepapers, search engine optimized websites, and social media, the Physical Web is inbound. By producing content valuable to consumers, then “attaching” it to relevant locations or products,  marketers are able to incentivize consumer engagement in-store. Because it begins with product and location, content can be made highly relevant. Further, because Physical Web interactions are consumer initiated, they are positioned to fulfill needs and build loyalty. However most consumers are not educated to the point of knowing where to find Physical Web beacon interactions. 

The Physical Web Embraces Apps
One widely understood benefit of Physical Web beacons is that they can be deployed without apps. Their content can be accessed by Physical Web enabled browsers. A growing number of browsers such as Google’s Chrome™, Mozilla’s Project Magnet™, or Opera™ can scan for nearby Physical Web content.

Given the breadth of Physical Web
Content options, including “Tap to order, if you don’t find your size,” “Tap to see today’s special,” “Tap to see a user video,” or “Tap to chat with a product specialist”. Marketers can speedily deploy a range of digital tactics in physical stores to compete with online. It is also possible to deploy a range of tactics involving physical interactions that simply are not possible online. Originally introduced under the catchphrase “walk up and use anything", the Physical Web is well suited for interactive displays. Answering surveys in exchange for automatically dispensed candy, shopper control of interactive displays or personalized product instruction will become mainstream with the Physical Web.

It's the Newest Dimension of the Web, but is it defined enough to be use-able at this point?
The Physical Web is a new dimension of the web that opens a world of consumer initiated interactions. Because location and subject are known, marketers can focus on catering content to a specific audience, delivering what’s important to them and what they love. But is the technology ready at this point since most consumers are unaware of the silent ads? Context makes this level of focus possible, but how long will it take to educate consumers? 

How NETcinity's patented technology has changed the game

NETcinity has successfully created a localized alternative version of the Physical Web
Using the above mentioned technology as the core development, NETcinity has recently created a mobile APP that's preloaded with every local community in mind. This new direct approach to proximity marketing is now allowing small to medium-sized business's the ability to use this untapped new technology to their own affordable advantage, and place promotions directly in the view of current and potential consumers' mobile devices. NETcinity's Pro Series beacons not only connect with Google's Physical Web and Nearby technology, they also connect with the NETcinity APP loaded with thousands of communities across the world. This not only bonds the local community population to doing business with the locally owned and operated businesses, but also bands those local businesses together to jointly fight the "big box brands" and the "order from home" giants that seem to drastically affect their business. Up until this point in time, the "big box brands" are the only entities able to use the Physical Web technology because of the large research and development costs that it takes to implement the beacon systems.

Localized Bluetooth beacon networks work like city-wide WI-FI

By creating a free mobile Community APP for the local community, along with implementing Bluetooth beacons, NETcinity is effectively creating massive city-wide Bluetooth networks that strongly encourage users to keep their money local (i.e. #shoplocal). NETcinity gives each business the ability to login to an online NearMe™ Promotion portal where business owners may add, alter, or change promotions that effectively broadcast to passing mobile devices via the Community APP created for that exact community, or via Physical Web.  This places each business owner in control of what they wish to promote to passing mobile devices that are within 260 feet of their establishment.


Affordable Platform Subscriptions
Starting at Just $49 per Month

We offer three great platform subscriptions to best fit your business’s needs. Affordable subscriptions start at just $49 per month and all contain everything you need to place your business on the passing mobile devices of both your current customers and potential customers alike! Chose a platform package that includes your NETcinity™ Bluetooth® beacon proximity equipment along with all the needed marketing materials to get you off to a fast start! An ongoing subscription allows access to the NearMe™ Promotion portal, so you can change your beacons’ broadcasting promotion whenever you wish.

Receive Your Starter Kit and
Start Broadcasting Immediately

Once you choose the package that's right for your business, you may add additional beacon platforms at a 50% discount for any other locations, or mobile vehicles. Starter Kits include door stickers, table tents, and take-away-cards enabling your current customers to get on the new localized NETcinity™ community APP. Each customer that downloads the new local NETcinity™ APP will hear from you almost every time they drive back by! This dramatically increases customer retention, and broadcasts to potential customers.

Your NearMe™ Promotions
Portal Keeps You in Control

Un-box the new NETcinity™ Pro Series beacon and mount it high above the front door of your business with the supplied easy-to-use mounting hardware. Next, log in to your  NearMe™ Promotion portal online, create your first promotion, and voila! Within seconds of creating a promotion YOUR beacon goes to work broadcasting!  No programming and no plugging the beacon in. When you’re ready to broadcast that next great promotion or event log back into your online portal, and easily create your next promo.

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