We place YOUR BUSINESS on mobile devices within your proximity every day!

   Create Your NearMe™
Promotions Message

As a business client with an active NETcinity Platform subscription, you’ll gain access to an easy-to-use online portal that allows you to input any message you wish to communicate to the traffic passing your business each day. These easy to create interactive promotions include any images, promotion descriptions, full location information, and social share links you wish to include. You may even input multiple links to any current online ordering or reservation URL links you currently have. Building a promotion within your online NearMe Promotion portal only takes minutes to create. Created promotions then instantly begin broadcasting from your NETcinity™ Bluetooth Beacon to passing mobile devices via the NETcinity Community Mobile APP! (beacon included with each subscription)

Broadcast Your Message
To Passing Traffic 24/7

Passing mobile devices with our free NETcinity Community Mobile APP for end-users receive custom promotions directly on the lock screen of their mobile devices! When clicked from the lock screen, your description promotions will open within the NETcinity Community APP and allow the end-user to shop with you, “favorite” your business, and save your promotion for later! System algorithms prevent your promotion from contacting the passing end-user’s devices multiple times per day. Business owners may create multiple promotions and view analytics to see which promotion performs best! Our Platinum Platform subscribed businesses enjoy push notification ability to their customers along with home screen icon of THEIR business!

Experience Real Results
As Customers View

Want to increase your current customer retention rate? That’s easy with NETcinity! All our Platform Subscription Starter Kits not only come with your NETcinity Pro Series Beacon and our patented platform, but you will also receive all the marketing materials to get current customers on-board with the system, allowing you to communicate any current promotion, sale, or discounts to them DAILY as they pass by! Alter your promotion as much as you wish and watch the analytics to see which promotion performed best! PLUS, your business will instantly appear in the NearMe Search when ANYONE searches within the NETcinity Community APP! Your interactive promotion will appear on NearMe Searches in the APP up to 5 miles away!


Tamale King

“Thank you Netcinity! New customers come in from the system and we are very happy. We would recommend Netcinity to other businesses.” David & Ofelia M. - Owners of Tamale King

Send Your Love

“We subscribed to Netcinity.  We are now able to reach out to our current customer base as well as people who pass by our store.  Being able to reach people with our advertising message right to the lock screen of their mobile phone when they are in proximity of our retail store is very valuable.  We keep our beacon in our delivery van so that when it's at our store we are reaching people who pass by.  When we are making deliveries all over the community, we are reaching potential new customers who may not be in proximity of our store that day. Either way, people are receiving our message. I would recommend Netcinity to any business who is interested in customer retention as well as new business.“ Andy J. – Owner of Send Your Love

Caps Pizza

“Business has never been better. I love the technology and get excited when I see cell phone pings from either my business or from other businesses around town.” Joe C. – Owner of Caps Pizzeria


Affordable Platform Subscriptions
Starting at Just $49 per Month

We offer three great platform subscriptions to best fit your business’s needs. Affordable subscriptions start at just $49 per month and all contain everything you need to place your business on the passing mobile devices of both your current customers and potential customers alike! Chose a platform package that includes your NETcinity™ Bluetooth® beacon proximity equipment along with all the needed marketing materials to get you off to a fast start! An ongoing subscription allows access to the NearMe™ Promotion portal, so you can change your beacons’ broadcasting promotion whenever you wish.

Receive Your Starter Kit and
Start Broadcasting Immediately

Once you choose the package that's right for your business, you may add additional beacon platforms at a 50% discount for any other locations, or mobile vehicles. Starter Kits include door stickers, table tents, and take-away-cards enabling your current customers to get on the new localized NETcinity™ community APP. Each customer that downloads the new local NETcinity™ APP will hear from you almost every time they drive back by! This dramatically increases customer retention, and broadcasts to potential customers.

Your NearMe™ Promotions
Portal Keeps You in Control

Un-box the new NETcinity™ Pro Series beacon and mount it high above the front door of your business with the supplied easy-to-use mounting hardware. Next, log in to your  NearMe™ Promotion portal online, create your first promotion, and voila! Within seconds of creating a promotion YOUR beacon goes to work broadcasting!  No programming and no plugging the beacon in. When you’re ready to broadcast that next great promotion or event log back into your online portal, and easily create your next promo.

Ready to find the Platform Subscription that best fits your needs?

Check Out Our Pro Series Beacon

Powerful Professional Series Beacons built with your business needs in mind


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